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Welcome to Thompson Tobin Financial Ltd

Thompson Tobin Financial Ltd is a specialist provider of high grade financial advice to owner managers of small to medium sized businesses, and to successful private individuals, throughout the UK.  This website is intended for the use of UK residents.

Our clients face extremely challenging economic conditions.  Choosing any type of professional adviser is a potentially life changing decision, and not one to be made lightly.  At Thompson Tobin we assist our clients in making financially wise decisions, specifically with regard to business funding, tax sheltering and the reinvestment of business or personal monies.

A typical client will be:

  • A shareholder or owner of a small to medium sized business.
  • A successful professional.
  • Realistic and open minded.
  • Probably aged 40 to 65.

A client’s financial concerns may include:

  • Extracting business profits in the most tax efficient manner.
  • Funding your business in the most effective manner, whilst helping protect personal and business assets.
  • Achieving your investment objectives, be they capital growth, income, security, or a mixture of all three.
  • Planning and preserving your retirement.
  • You have concerns over costs, fees, commissions and expenses eating into your returns.

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